Friday, February 6, 2009

Of blog updates and bike valets

One thing I like about setting up this blog is the list (on the right) of favorite bike blogs. It sorts them by most recent updates, so I don't face the crushing disappointment of going to a site and finding nothing but yesterday's news (or last year's, for that matter).

So I actually use this site myself when I go looking for something bike related to read. I may set up other blogs just to hold other reading lists. I never caught on to the RSS feed to Mac Mail - just doesn't work for me graphically somehow. Anyway, love that feature. A cornucopia of diversions, time-wasters, trivia, and bottomless link-holes calling to me like Sirens. ("Link-holes", I like that.)

And in my desire to figure out how this blogger software works, I'm linking to this video of the bike valet at the Sunday Farmer's Market here in Santa Monica. I grouse about the insufficient bike-friendliness of Santa Monica as a rule, but our town really is trying. Exhibit A being the bike valet...

That's pretty cool. (Both the valet, and the fact I got it embedded without hurting anyone.)


  1. That blogroll thing is so cool. I was wondering how it works. Is it something only on blogspot?

    Also, congrats on the video. I spent way too long trying to get mine up :)

  2. Other software may do the same thing (sort by latest post) but Blogger has that choice when you add blogs to your list...

  3. Hi Jim, love the blog. As a part-time bike commuter, I appreciate your perspective. BTW, have you looked at Net News Wire for the Mac? As an RSSS aggregator, I find it to be a huge time saver.

    BTW, thanks for hosting all the phone banks last fall....

  4. Hey Warren! Good to hear from you. Maybe we'll see you out there on the road sometime...

  5. And I'll check out that Net News Wire...