Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I've been off work since before Christmas so I haven't been doing the work commute. As commutes go, I have it easy. It's about 2 miles each way, a few busy streets to manage but mostly smooth sailing, not much at all in the way of hills.

Leaving the office tonight it was completely dark, but that perfect January in L.A. temperature - balmy with a just a hint of brisk. I'd picked up a bunch of slacks at Banana Republic a couple weeks ago when they were dumping things for like 20 bucks, so I was stylin' in new black pin-striped slacks and a gray T-shirt. I'm not sure why it feels great to fly by on the bike in pin-stripes and wing-tips, but it does.

Pulling out alongside traffic, seeing my opening to take a left, and loving that feeling of stepping on it and moving at the same speed as the cars, then banking off onto a side street, wide open, all to myself. Feeling the muscles wake up, pumping, the efficiency of the bike a thing of beauty.

After being in a chair all day that ride is just sensational. Inspirational. Free.

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  1. Lovely description! It's always nice to go as fast as - or faster than - traffic.