Friday, February 13, 2009

Hey look! It's Bertolt Brecht's house!

I've been working like a madam (to use a much-loved typo) so there's been no time for much of anything (except the bike commute, thank GOD), but I did want to share this great site for finding bike friendly routes (h/t to The Bike Librarian...). You can click the little arrows to maneuver along the route, and some posters add great notes of interest like, "Bertolt Brecht's old house!" or "Beggar ahead!" Good things to be on the lookout for, indeed...

Thanks all you spreaders of goodwill and goodroutes. OK, back to work, Grrr...

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  1. Hey, thanks for the link to Girl Gone Goa and the first ride of the Goa Cycle Club! I hope to have a page just for the new club, and it'll be a good place to start for any cyclists interested in bike culture in Goa, India.