Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tron, graft & the Big Time

So to fund my bike expenditures and keep my kids in shoes and cereal I have a day job as a film editor, currently on Tron. So as with all things in life, worlds collide and synchronicity prevails.

To wit, friends have sent photos of a couple Tron-inspired bikes they've come across. They pay homage to varying degrees, and truth is if we fall short in our VFX budget maybe one of these babies could take up the slack. With the right sound effects it just might work.

Here's one found at IGN:

Quite respectable. Modern, minimal. Syd Mead would be proud.

Or this DIY version:

True to the spirit, with the enthusiasm of the hardcore fan.

But this next one falls a little short:


That one might also satisfy the hardcore fan (or even the softcore fan), but it seems to be about 5% loosely-connected Tronware and about 95% Tron Guy wishful thinking. However, at least now I know what those stem pads are for.

Also, today is a major milestone for the Bike Date blog and the entire Bike Date corporate family. We received our very first offer of free bike product to review. Yes, Bike Date is now "Big Time", and obviously this vendor can surmise the soon-to-be-established promotional power of the "Bike Date Bump".

Our accountants are currently looking into the ethical and tax implications of accepting in-kind, quid-pro-quo, you-scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch-yours "review items". Obviously Bike Date's attorneys assure the various interested RICO investigators that graft promotional materials will be handled within the appropriate legal framework.

An honest review of these products will be posted once Bike Date R&D has conducted their thorough testing. Those guys are relentless. I know our readers expect nothing less.


  1. I like that last photo. She's clearly a wild thing, and I think of BikeDate as the blog where the wild things are.

  2. Wow if there was a "Where the Wild Things Are" connection the circle would indeed be complete!

  3. I'd seen that first TRON bike pic going around Tumblr the other day :)

    The first thing I thought of was all the night riding I did on my first bike trip. It wasn't very smart, but I sometimes wouldn't stop riding until close to midnight... having my entire frame glow neon blue would have been pretty helpful... and not to mention, kinda' bad ass ;)

    Speaking of 'Where the Wild Things Are' - there's a screening on Oct 6th at the Michigan, in Ann Arbor, which is my all time favorite theater. Even more-so than the Artclight, and I really love the Arclight. But I read that Spike Jones will be there too - I can't wait!

  4. hey mike - i haven't seen WTWTA since we locked picture about a year ago... looking forward seeing final VFX and mix...

  5. hello can you please delete the photo of the girl? it's mine and I know you got it from

  6. delete the pic!!!!!!

  7. easy dude, it's deleted. must still be in your cache...