Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why don't they make a bike trailer for us?

So we've been using this old bike trailer of ours more and more. Mainly for a five-and-a-half mile roundtrip to the kid's two schools in the morning. We got it at a neighbor's garage sale for 10 or 15 bucks and it's seen better days as you can see. We've gotten good use out of it, though I'm ready to have one where I don't need to holler over my shoulder, "Remember, don't stick your fingers in the spokes, kids!"

But as we search for a replacement, it becomes clear that you are supposed to stop dragging your kids around in a trailer once they are about 4. We ordered a Burley D'Lite online (easily the most popular trailer out there) and when it came, we found there was not enough legroom for our 6 year-old - and he's no giant - 25th percentile for height. The Burley had about 5 inches less legroom than our sad, old workhorse.

Since we got a great deal on it, rather than pay to have it shipped back to the online seller we just posted it on Craigslist and sold it the first morning (To a bargain-hunting movie star. This IS L.A., after all...)

So now we are trying to find a trailer that has legroom for a 43" tall kid and his little sister, storage room in the back for backpacks and such, a convenient hitch to the bike, options for different weather, and as light as possible. These things get so laden with options that you curse them halfway up some hill. We're strictly cyclists, so we don't need strollers/joggers/skis and whatnot.

We saw the Chariot Corsaire XL online, which seems to address the legroom issue - the manufacturer said in an email that there is 22" between the rear of the seat pad and the front bar (the Burley measured 17 1/2" there). But some sellers say it has storage in the back, and some say it doesn't! Argggh...

So we'll figure out what we can online, and if we can't find one in L.A. to look at, maybe we'll order from the seller that offers $1 return insurance (, so we can set it up and return it for free if it doesn't work. The guys at have been very helpful, too. We did see the Corsaire online for half the normal price, but a quick Google search proved there is no free lunch. So FYI, is an Indonesian scam site!

OK, on with our Saturday...

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  1. jj (a random reader in portland)April 13, 2009 at 9:31 PM

    You may have found something by now (i haven't read all your posts yet) but Martina at Clever Cycles here in Portland once recommended the Wike trailer as having more head room. Dunno about legroom - it claims to have 30" of leg room and I don't know how that compares to the Burley.