Saturday, January 31, 2009

Urban cycling

This blog is for me to write about our experiences integrating bikes into our family life here in Los Angeles - Santa Monica to be exact. We commute, pull the kids to school, shop, all the things we normally do, but have found the bike to a far nicer way to do them. We've begun to resent the hassle of parking the car more and more, and the bike completely eliminates that. And as the blog title suggests, we've even been getting out on a some dates on the bikes, too. I love the looks when we pull up to the valet. We love it.

As a busy family, getting exercise while doing all the things we have to do really works for us. We're just not going-to-the-gym, exercise-for-exercise's-sake types. We do some long distance road biking when there's time, but taking care of business with the kids, running errands and getting to work guarantees about 8 miles a day, usually pulling about 100lbs. And free parking...

So that's what this is about, now on to our current task, trying to find a replacement for our sad old, worn out bike trailer for the kids...

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