Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scrapers, Excuses and Reasons for Hope

Man I have been gone a looong time.  But I still see bike stuff I love and maybe I'll pull it together and get this going again.  I started another blog recently out of, I don't know, desperation?  My brother was diagnosed with cancer, and a blog seemed a good way to communicate with friends and family about what is going on.  If you're interested you can find it here

There's so much in the bike world these days that's changing, showing signs of new life.  Ray LaHood as Secretary of Transportation is really pushing in the right directions.  Local communities making infrastructure investments.  And the seeds of real change in urban planning - seeing that the old model of bedroom communities and private car-dependent lifestyles is not sustainable.  That stuff gives me hope.

I also seem to be seeing a lot of stuff about urban kids and bikes.  Black kids getting on bikes and bringing their style and energy to it.  I think that's great, a breakdown of old boundaries.  I saw this vid tonight that is up that alley.  A beautifully produced piece done by California is a Place, it's about a kid in Oakland that rides Scrapers - tricked out bikes that provide a diversion for kids who could be drawn to less promising pass-times.  Really cool. They have other vids too that I imagine are worth a watch.

Take a look.  I'll post more of this kind of stuff...

Scrapertown from California is a place. on Vimeo.


  1. Wow that video is awesome, it just ate ten minutes of my workday.

    Welcome back. Hang in there. Keep riding.

  2. i'm comin' back, baby. i'm comin' back.